Ahhh, winter. Cold arctic blasts reach from the far reaches of Canada, invade through our border and pummel those of us right below our friendly neighbors to the North. In Oregon, we enjoy the pineapple express; a wet system that brings tropical rains to our lush land. When this freight train of water combines with the bitter cold viola’, SNOW! In some parts of the country the snow can shut down and entire city, crippling the mass transit, freeze piping and wreak havoc on your pool and the circulation system. Yep, we’re here to talk about your pool in the cold.

After every cold snap, the phone rings with stories of leaky piping, leaky headers on heaters, pumps with water pouring out and filters that have a funny crack with water flowing out. Crazy! Now, these issues are completely avoidable if you take the right precautions. As with the piping in your house, the same applies for your pool equipment. You wouldn’t leave your house plumbing exposed to the bitter cold elements, would you? Or course not. But so many pool owners won’t take the time to protect one of the most expensive parts of their home; the pool and the equipment. A simple plug in heater in the mechanical room, or even a heat bulb will emit enough energy to keep the equipment from going catastrophic. Even running the pool equipment during a cold snap can help mitigate the freeze issue. And, some of the more up to date equipment will have freeze protection built right in to the ‘brain’ of the machine. When the temperature reaches a certain set point, the pump will cycle on and keep the water flowing as necessary. Now, this does not mean that you are home free, but it will help.

If your heater is exposed to the elements, water flowing through will not be enough to keep the header unit from developing a crack and begin leaking. When this happens, you have a very expensive repair bill on the horizon. Keep in mind, it is alright to cover your equipment. Another option is to call in the professionals. A good service company can help eliminate the possibility of costly repairs down the road by winterizing your equipment before the season hits. At Anderson Poolworks, our staff of service professionals have the knowledge and resources to make sure that you do not suffer at the hands of Jack Frost.

To drive the point home, I recently went on a field trip with our lead service technician Gary, to a remote pool location where the caretaker neglected to winterize the equipment (actually forgot all about it!) and let the pump, filter, heater, automation system, and chlorination unit to completely freeze. Half of a day later and a complete repair/replacement of each unit resulted in an almost $3,000.00 bill. The owner of the property was not happy to say the least.

Save yourself a bunch of heartache and money this winter and take care of your pool equipment. If you have any questions, please call Anderson Poolworks and we will be happy to walk you through the process.