Pool Tile and Coping

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At Anderson Poolworks, we offer the finest selection available for your choice of perimeter swimming pool tile and coping. Whether your taste runs to the traditional of brick or the look of poured concrete that can be stamped, stained, acid etched, or as one of our past clients said “natural and clean,” or to that of natural stone: travertine, camas stone, quartzite, or slate, we can do it!

If you are unsure what would look best, we have many residential and commercial pools in our area where you can view stone or tile combinations that have already been applied.  We can also direct you to several online resources where a multitude of choices await.

During the initial onsite evaluation of your swimming pool or spa, we look for trouble areas that could potentially lead to problems down the road; cracks in the swimming pool tile line that would indicate a break in the pool’s bond beam. Tiles falling off in certain areas can indicate further problems that need to be addressed. Gaps between the skimmer throat interface and the tile line can indicate settling issues and potential leak areas. Often, older pools have a waterline of small mosaic tile with several areas missing. During the preparation process, there is a high likelihood of the majority of the tile falling off at this point. Is it a good idea to try a repair of this tile at this time? Probably not – it’s time for replacement.

Cracking in the tile line is an indication of possible pool deck movement ‘pushing’ on the top of the pool shell and therefore pushing against the back side of the tile mortar bed. The solution is to undercut the deck at that point if possible or remove the section of pool deck and remedy the situation. Depending upon the severity of the cracking, the fix can mean a substantial amount of necessary demolition.

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