ADA Swimming Pool Compliance

American’s with Disability Swimming Pool Lift Compliance Facts

In 2010, the Department of Justice published updated regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These regulations adopted the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (2010 Standards), which, for the first time, contain specific accessibility requirements for a number of types of recreational facilities, including swimming pools, wading pools, and spas.

In January 2012, the Department issued guidance titled “ADA 2010 Revised Requirements: Accessible Pools—Accessible Means of Entry and Exit” to assist entities covered by Title III of the ADA, such as hotels and motels, health clubs, recreation centers, public country clubs, and other businesses that have swimming pools, wading pools, and spas, in understanding how the new requirements apply to them.

According to the National Electrical Code for swimming pools, any metal structure within 5’vertical feet and 12’ lineal, must be correctly bonded to the grid of the structure and allow electrical continuity to the mechanical room panel. All new swimming pool lifts are constructed of a metallic frame and attached to the pool or spa deck via a metal anchoring system that MUST be bonded PERMITTED and INSPECTED by the local building authorities prior to finish work or installation of the lift.

Depending upon the type of lift that has been purchased, a moderate amount of demolition will be necessary to install the anchoring system. Several types of pool lifts will require a 26”x26”x10” square of decking be removed, the anchor installed, rebar installed via epoxy, bonding wire correctly installed by a licensed electrician (prior to inspection) and final finish work before the lift can be securely fastened to the pool deck. With an anchor plate installation, it will require on average 6-8 total man hours for complete installation. If a socket type anchor is used, 3-5 total man hours are typical.

If you have a property with both a swimming pool and spa, and it is achievable to install a lift at both locations (space available), then it is the responsibility of the property to install one lift per body of water.

If your property has already purchased a pool lift through online distribution, the next step is to hire a qualified professional to oversee the installation and location of the lift(s) and to make certain that the lift will actually meet the needs of the property. Not all lifts will fit the deck space requirements for the ADA.

As with all Federal, State, and County safety regulations, if the item or practice in question is not used or installed per the code or the manufacturers recommendation, then it is considered to not be correct and not in full compliance of the rule, which means that the property owner(s) would be liable for any accidents associated with the rule or item.

For a full comprehensive list of questions and answers pertaining to the 2010 ADA Swimming Pool Lifts, please follow the link:

If you have any questions regarding ADA compliance, or any State, Federal, or County safety regulations, please contact Anderson Poolworks for a consultation. While we are Portland’s premier swimming pool and spa construction and renovation company, we are also board members of several national technical committees designed to help address safety and public concerns with all aquatic facilities, no matter how big or small.

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