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“The water feature Anderson Poolworks built is very pretty, so it’s something we enjoy even when we’re not using the pool. We can enjoy it all year long. They’re very creative and great at design… APW really saw potential in our project that other contractors we interviewed didn’t see.”— Mardi Spitzer“Not only does APW know how to build pools, but they’ve got a service team that does excellent maintenance work! APW knows how the machinery works, and having someone else come in and mess it up would be really frustrating. That’s not a worry because Anderson Poolworks takes care if all of that for us… The crew was great, a lot of fun and were like part of the family while they were here. They do a fantastic job and did a good job of respecting our property. Most pool people are pretty out there and not on the ball, but the Anderson guys are not like that at all. They’re very sharp. Real common sense guys. Our friends who do photo shoots for a living keep asking if they can come over and use our pool for a set… I’ve worked with a lot of contractors and APW is at the top of the list as far as how they work and what they do. They’re great to work with. The back yard is better than the rest of the house, so now we’re looking at other remodel projects… I’d rather live outside than in!”;

— John Wrenn

“We had a general idea about what we wanted, and APW did a great job of giving us creative ideas and things we didn’t think about – the spa, the waterfall, some of the mosaics. We love our pool so we entertain more than we ever did. I was really impressed with their ability to deliver on the actual construction of the pool – APW told us they were going to come in and hit the project hard – it was pretty impressive to watch them work… I assumed the typical things you hear about construction guys – they never show up when they say, not sticking to budget, etc. APW did a good job of sticking to the budget and delivering on the timing. They were there when they said they would be and really got after it when they were on site. You really need to see our yard! We entertain more than we ever did and use the pool all the time. We have exactly what we wanted!”;

— Greg Beary

“Anderson Poolworks’ timetables have always been spot on, and in fact ahead of schedule. They’re all knowledgeable and know about the latest, innovative stuff. That means I don’t need to worry about getting the best products and technology.”

— Eric Gemmil, Hospitality Industry

“The project was absolutely beautiful! Anderson Poolworks really knows what they’re doing. They’re the most efficient crew I’ve ever worked with. The clean up was great, their product was perfect, the follow through was excellent and they check in often to see how things are going. The Anderson team understands the importance of not being down too long as we’re in the hospitality business and they worked their tails off to make sure down time was minimized… Anderson Poolworks had a plan and everything they did had a purpose. They brought in their own generators to help get the job done faster – everything was very efficient… it was like watching an orchestra. They’re the most efficient contractor I’ve ever worked with. And the project was beautiful, and absolutely perfect.”

— Chad Sweet, Hospitality Industry

“We asked Anderson Poolworks to transform an outdated kidney-shaped pool into a gorgeous, contemporary, kid-friendly pool. We work in design – that means we know what we want and we’re not easy to work with. Anderson exceeded every expectation. Their recommendations were spot-on and met or exceeded my hopes for the aesthetic beauty and functionality of the pool. The project was completed on budget in a very reasonable construction timeline. Anderson Poolworks is the most reliable and capable pool contractors in the Northwest.”

— Shawn Bavaresco

“We did a lot of research before our pool installation and chose Anderson Poolworks. I can not say enough positive things about the company and the family! They are a family owned company that, in our opinion, builds the most beautiful pools in Oregon. They also built the pools at Brasada where we have a cabin. I seriously feel our pool is the best family gathering place possible. It creates a beautiful backyard landscaping and is healthy entertainment and exercise or our grandkids! If you choose Anderson Poolworks you will be very happy with your decision!”

— Marlene and Gary

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